Monday, March 9, 2009

Moarrr vids!!!

Shin Hye Sung- Why Did You Call?

No translations. Sorry~

^This MV is just sad but at the same time, it's quite confusing. I couldn't exactly get what it was trying to convey. Language barrier. Damn. The song has a melancholic tone to it and it compliments Hye Sung's angelic voice very much. Love this song and Hye Sung! XD

Jewelry S- Date

^This is Jewelry's sub group which is made up of 2 maknaes of Jewelry. The song is very cheerful and sweet as it is about a girl preparing for a date while her girl friend helps her prepare. I'd wish the rapper would get better lyrics for her part. She's worth more than those "lame" lyrics.

Sori- Real Lips

^This new singer has somehow a little Hyori influences in the song as well as the dance. The song is quite addictive with a sexy touch in it. The lyrics are, well, o-kay. It's not bad neither is it good either. "My lips went crazy on its own" ???!! O.o

FT Island- Bad Woman

^FT Island made their comeback with a new song and also a new member replacing Won Bin. New member: Song Seung Hyun. This MV doesn't really explains the song but the lyrics of the song is beautiful. Sad and beautiful. Hong Ki's vocals are amazing and is really displayed through this song. The other members however, who are only guitarists and a drummer is somewhat left out in the MV. I suggest they try something different that will show more of the other 4 members besides Hong Ki. FT Island is a group of 5 people not Hong Ki alone.

Fly To The Sky- Restriction

^FTTS's comeback after a long(?) time. This time, it's a dark song about a guy who can't forget about his ex-girlfriend. He tries to forget and erase every memory of her but he just can't. Their beautiful and elegant voices makes the song even more intriguing. Almost addictive like a cough syrup. LOL. There are some "ahem" scenes in the MV but then,'s alright? NO!! Hahahah! Love the song!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back with more vids

It's been a loonnngg time since I last posted videos. I wasn't in the mood to post any before but now I am!
And there's plenty of catching up to do. Plenty of new videos were released. xD

First up~

Kara- Honey

^This is a new MV from Kara. It's their follow-up single from their special repackaged mini-album. This time, instead of the narcissistic "Pretty Girl", they've portrayed a more innocent and shy personality as the tune of the song suggests. The dance steps are well cheorographed. It emphasized on the gentleness of the girls and also adds a sweet touch to it. After all, it's called Honey! xD

T-Max- Paradise

^Well, I suppose any K-pop fan would know what is this. Boys Over Flowers' theme song. This MV practically consists of the first 2 episodes of this hit drama. Song-great. Drama- hot! xD

Gavy NJ- A Love Story

^This MV is just bittersweet. It's a simple story but a touching one. Especially when Gavy NJ's strong and melodious vocals were throughout the song, the sad message was conveyed very clearly even though if you watched it without the subtitles or translations. Good one.

After School- Ah

^This newbie group is really good. They were modelled after the Pussycat Dolls which explains the eye popping outfits. Their style is way different from other female groups which makes them very promising. Though vocal wise perhaps they're not as good as the other groups, their stage performance and difference in style gives them a chance to get to the top. I can't wait to hear more from this group!

Tae Goon- Call Me

^This MV co-stars TVXQ's Jaejoong. This new singer has inherited Rain's style of song, dance and performance. Not to forget fashion! The footprint of Rain on him is really deep and therefore lowering its scores in the originality part. The song is cool though. However, I wish that he had more originality to it.

Untouchable ft Hwa Young- Tell Me Why

^This MV is just beautiful in its own way. The melancholy of a man being dumped by his girl was portrayed beautifully through the lyrics. I just simply love this song and video to bits! XD

Alright...I guess that's all for now. Lost my mood to post more vids already. Thanks to the crappy connection.