Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Music Videos

Younha- Gossip Boy

This MV is full of Younha's style. I love it very much! The lyrics are very cute and sweet. 8/10!! o(",)o

Rain- Rainism

This MV is cool. No doubt. If only the lyrics were MORE meaningful or at least, holds some meaning, then I'll give it thumbs up. Just because of the horrible lyrics, I'll just give this MV 4/10.

Rain- Love Story

Turn your volume up for this. The volume is a little soft than it should be. This MV is confusing but the song is nice. Apparently there's part 2 coming. I'll be sure to post that! For this MV, I'll give it 6/10.

BoA- Eat You Up (Cha Eun Taek Version)

This MV is COOL!! I really must give two thumbs up for the director. I will not post Diane Martel's Version because I do not like it. Anyway, for this MV 9/10!
"I'll eat you up~ "

Sun Ho Young- I Know

I like this song. The MV is quite good too. Only one thing. What's with the shining "S" sign on his shirt? LOL. Ratings: 8/10.

Minwoo ft Big Tone- Don't Trust Men

This MV is ♥!! The dance is good, vocals good, storyline good!! I'll give three thumbs up if I have three. ^^ Ratings: 10/10!

H-Eugene ft Ye Eun- Baby I Love You

Note: Ye Eun(from Wonder Girls) is not featured in the MV and NO, the girl's not her but she did sing.
Please turn up your volume for this MV also.
This MV is O-kay. The lyrics are sweet. Song is good. I think the MV would be best if Ye Eun is in it. Ratings: 6/10.

Epik High ft Taru- 1 Minute 1 Second

This MV is absolutely COOL! They made this using reverse frames and Epik High have to rap this backwards to film this MV right. I salute them for being able to do so. The song however is not that good. It's okay but not WOW enough. Ratings: 9.5/10.

Big Bang- Sunset Glow/Red Sunset

A very "green" MV. Spreading the message to visit Tae-an Beach(a once famous tourist area) which is deserted because of oil spill. A very good MV basically. The song is addictive and enjoyable. The MV is very happy and has a "down-to-earth" feel, fans were practically dragged into the MV. This is sure for THUMBS HIGH UP! Rating: 9/10.

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