Sunday, November 16, 2008

MKMF 2008 and my COOL dream! first i wanted to post bout mkmf...but since i had a WONDERFUL WONDERFUL dream this dream first!!!
Epik High and Big Bang came into my dream!!! ^^ i was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!!!!!
it was like this...i was with someone...i forgot who..we were at some back door...and there was windows..
according to my mind in the dream it was d back door for mkmf..but it looks like my house back door w/o the kitchen stuffs...and it was kinda dark there..
then we saw TABLO through the windows!!! we rushed out and said "OMO! Tablo can you gimme your autograph?!!!!"
then we gave him our books to sign....he was sooo cute!! xD
i don't remember seeing dj tukutz but i know he was there! he and mithra was jealous because we asked tablo
so we asked them to sign also...Mithra's signature was one WEIRD signature..i have no idea how to explain it...but it was weird..
i think it was some sort of revenge for asking tablo first...hahaha..
but OMG..they were COOL man!!!!!!!!! can't stop spazzing..
then i think we chatted a while then GD and TAEYANG came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i think TOP was there too...omo..
omo! they were looking SUPER DAMN COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
omo...then too bad...tpq phoned in real phone...the my lovely LOVELY dream went POOF!!! TT_TT
PING QING!! OF ALL TIMES TO PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobx* *sobx*
after i answered the call i went back to sleep...still early ma..and no one was at home except me...
then this dream wasn't a cool nor nice one...
i was dreaming as a me watching tv..
i dreamt that janna, zattul and someone else got tricked by some boys in a dance arcade centre in parade...
and they NEARLY got raped.. scary actually....
but some other good guys helped them whack those lousy boys...
========================================================================= for MKMF 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
before i post pics...i have to announce a VERY VERY PROUD thing...


>>> Best Digital Song
>>> Best MNet Music Portal
>>> Best Male Group
>>> ARTIST OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm super proud of them...ah~ are some pics of those who went to the MKMF.. got them from soompi..
Ha Sang Baek - Ahn Hye Kyung - Yoo Sae Yoon

Yoo Sae Yoon is also the host for Music Bank aka Doctor Fish! xD These 3 were the "reciever" for the stars at the red carpet...^^

Dynamic Duo

^i'm not familiar with these two...


^the one standing at the left is cute right?? xD

^cutie~ xD

Brown Eyed Girls

^oh jeo na oh jeo na~~


^Baby one more time~~


^they look horrible...especially jae...*shivers*

^performing "Wrong Number"

^recieving award, changminnie crying at the

U Kiss

^ i don't know them but they seem pretty famous...rockstars i guess...xD

^looking cool~

Mighty Mouth

^ i think they sang "ENGERGY~ENERGY~~!!" lol...with the huge battery..xD


^ Eoteok Hajyo~~ the guy on the most left is kinda cute~ and kinda looks like a HK actor..xD

^kya!! xD

Epik High & Nell

^Epik High (tukuts>2nd from left, tablo>3rd from left n Mithra>4th from left), i dunno who is Nell..

Epik High

^recieving award for Best Hip Hop!! xD

^performing "One"...THEY'RE FREAKIN COOL!!!!!!!!

^with some guy...xP

^Tablo look HOT with the eyeliner! xD


^if i was a fashion police, i would arrest the 2nd from right person...horrible outfit..

^on the red carpet

^i think this is when they recieved Best Newcomer...


^no idea who is she...


^another horrible outfit...


Lee Hyori

^she looks like a hooker man....busy day for fashion police...

^she looks MUCH better here...recieving award for best dance i guess...

Go Eun Ah

^dunno who is she...


^....bharam pijima~ hehehhe...Love & War!! xD

^recieveing award for Best Newcomer (i think)

Jin Jae Young

^ another offender of fashion....the top is okay..but the skirt should be longer...

Yoon Ji Min & Shin Dong Wook


Hong Soo Ah

^[s]she didn't pull off this dress well enough..if only...she had a livelier expression..[/s] found a better pic...

Kim Jong Wook

^this fella won best OST..

^recieving the award...

Jeon Hye Bin

^nice outfit but i dunno who is she...

Bi aka Rain

^ he stripped during his perf...^^;


^stripped... xP


^duno who is he...but in a wheelchair? hmm...duno~ *shrugs*

Moon Hee Jun

^a rocker!~!

^recieving award...duno wad award..
OKAY!!! saving faves for the last!!! xD
Wonder Girls

^ they look pretty don't they? ^^ (from left: sunmi, ye eun, sun ye, yoo bin, sohee)

^walking elegantly~

^giving away Best Male Rookie award...

^"Nobody" tango+disco version~ {i want nobody nobody but you! *clap* *clap*}

^ recieving award...

Big Bang

^omo~TOP looks HAWT!!!!! xD but at the red carpet, BB looked scared. pity them...(from left: seungri, GD, taeyang,TOP, daesung)

^still at the red carpet..

^seungri+hyori perf. U-Go-Girl.

^they really did kiss...i heard the "muaxx"...TT.TT sobx...i wanna be hyori! xP (perf. for Lies)

^a heart breaking gif for TOP fans..xP

^Dae Dae+ Hyori perf. "Look at me, Hyori" instead of "Look at me, Gwisoon"..LOL...

^GD+Hyori perf. for "Look only at me Pt.2.

^ you have to do that???

^and that????!!!! T.T

^recieving award!! GD looks super cute!
OMO....i posted soooo many pics...xD
got vids also...only BB+Hyori perf..xD


Look Oly At Me Pt.1 and Pt.2
Lie(TOP kissing scene) + Haru Haru
Look At Me, Hyori

wait.....this is better..

[LIVE HQ 15.11.08 Part 1/2]Lee Hyori (이효리) feat Big Bang (빅뱅) - Scandalous Perf

[LIVE HQ 15.11.08 Part 2/2]Lee Hyori (이효리) feat Big Bang (빅뱅) - Scandalous Perf

hehehehe....'s WG's perf too....xP

but they lip sync the song....aih...
i think that's all...xD

p/s: posting here because tabulas doesn't want to post it...T.T

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