Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Music Videos

There's some new music videos in the K-pop industry!
Well, not exactly new..but oh well...

Baek Ji Young- Like Being Hit By A Bullet

^This song is really good. It describes a women/girl's feelings after being dumped by her lover. What's the feeling? It's just like being hit by a bullet.

K.Will ft MC Mong- Love 119

^This song is written by MC Mong and he rapped in the song. K.Will has quite good vocals and is quite good looking.

Kara- Pretty Girl

^This song is quite addictive but the lyrics is a bit..nonsensical. What do you mean by "If you wanna pretty, every wanna pretty"?? They should have written better lyrics to the song. Besides that, they remind me of SNSD. It feels like I was watching barbie dolls dancing around saying they're pretty. Narcissist.

Lee Soo Young- This Woman

^This song is very sad. Combined with Lee Soo Young's beautiful voice, it's very touching. It's about a girl who is trying to leave her lover but he is still holding on to her. The lyrics are very meaningful. I love this one.

Norazo- Superman

^OMG! This is one WACKY video!! At first I thought it was a fanmade video with the original song but a closer look, it IS the original video. The song does not fit the story in the video but the lyrics are DAMN funny!! Oh, my ass came out due to laughing. *sticks back*

Miss S ft Nam Gyu Ri- Don't Cheat

^This song and MV to me is a total flop. The song isn't THAT nice and the video is a little "crazy". However, this is something new as there's rarely a female duo who raps only. I'll give them some time to impress me.

Video credits to Wondersmurf.

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