Friday, January 9, 2009

Some Music Vids

Back with some other videos.

Gee- Girl's Generation

After a long, long break they're finally back with their mini album "Gee". The song is okay. Quite nice and it has a nice beat. However the MV is the opposite story. They should know that anti(s) are calling them "Plastic Generation" and yet they still implements the "barbie doll/mannequin" theme into their MV. Shouldn't SM know better to actually make the MV less plastic? If he wanted them to succeed, he should prove to the anti(s) that they're not plastic and is as good as any other singers.

U R Man- SS501

This MV is a bit old already as in it's not recent. Well, this MV is quite okay. No story line to it. Just bunch of dancing and singing and posing. The dance and song is interesting. However, it's just not "Wow!" enough. Plus, it reminds me of 183 Club (Taiwanese Band).

Strong Baby- Seungri ft G-Dragon

This one. Fuh! It's able to make any nuna fans faint. Awesomely sexy and hot! Well, I'm not a Seungri fan but I have to say those 6 pax looks too good to be true. It must be computer graphics. O_O Maybe not. The song? It's not "Wow!" but it's sexy.

A Miraculous Story- Tei

(This MV has no subs.)

This song is very wonderful. A miraculous story indeed. Tei's vocals are amazingly strong and soothing. The MV on the other hand is very typical. The usual break up, guy sad, girl sad, walking in the streets aimlessly. Nothing unusual.

Happy Together- Park Ji Hyun(V.O.S.) & Kang Min Kyung(Davichi)

(This MV has no subs.)

A very christmassy song and MV. Very happy and joyful song. The parts where both of them are singing are quite dark which I think should be brighter. They managed to bring out the Christmas spirit through the song. ^^-

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